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Code support

hp Consulting Engineers offers a wide range of fire and building code services ensuring code requirement, interaction with other disciplines and owner and cost control value engineering. We have extensive experience in new design and renovation projects for various occupancies and clientele.

Fire & Building Code Support

  • Life Safety and fire protection surveys
  • Building code review for new and existing facilities
  • Review Construction plans and specifications to determine conformity with building code, national fire codes, local amendments, and insurance carriers
  • Identify potential code deficiencies. Findings are promptly submitted and explained to the client
  • Provide technical assistance and problem solving
  • Consultation and follow-up review with all parties involved to completion of project
  • Development of equivalencies and trade-offs based on the principal model codes
  • Negotiation with local authorities
  • Online & Direct Marketing
  • Third party design review

Other Services

Our main focus is on fire protection engineering, life safety design and code consulting services. We provide code review, fire protection systems design, construction supervision and systems acceptance tests witnesses.

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